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Increase the sensitivity of the android microphone. In the smartphone or Android tablet, the microphone stopped working or does not always and not in all applications. What to do if you cannot hear me during a conversation

  1. Enter the settings menu and adjust the microphone settings
  2. Why the microphone does not work on the phone
  3. “We fix” the sound in Skype

On the street, as often happens, the noise level is much higher than at home

On the street, as often happens, the noise level is much higher than at home. To communicate normally by phone, it may be necessary to adjust the microphone. You may also need to adjust the microphone at a low volume level after recording audio or video on the tablet. How to adjust the microphone, and what threshold value to expose, so as not to spoil the device?

The answer is simple - you need to go to the tablet settings menu and make the necessary settings. Since the settings are engineering, they are not intended for the user, therefore, they are not equipped with prompts. Incorrect actions or settings can bring your tablet into a "brick" state - an inoperable state, which can be eliminated only by specialists or repairmen. Therefore, you should use the advice of experts.

Enter the settings menu and adjust the microphone settings

To enter the engineering settings menu, you must enter a code or use a special program. With the code is more difficult, since each manufacturer has its own. The most typical login option, enter the code * # * # 3646633 # * # * into the telephone line. On some Android versions codes can work * # 15963 # * and * # * # 4636 # * # *.

If you did not cope with this moment, then you should download the Mobileuncle MTK Tools program, which will allow your device to open its engineering menu . In this menu, you can configure many options, but do not overdo it. Before changing the parameters, copy their factory numeric values ​​to a sheet of paper. In case of tablet failure or negative manifestations, all settings can be returned to its original state.

So, the entrance to the engineering menu is made and the setting continues. To increase the microphone in talk mode over telephone networks, select in the menu the sub-items “Audio”, “Normal Mode”, and then “Mic”. To adjust the microphone in recording mode, instead of “Normal Mode”, select “LoudSpeaker Mode”. Next, seven levels of sensitivity will be displayed, which are regulated by the controls on the tablet. These levels vary from the quietest level 0 to the loudest level 6.

Each level can be adjusted individually and assign it a digital value from 0 to 255. The larger the digital value, the higher the microphone's sensitivity threshold. Setting, for example, all levels to the maximum, on the tablet will not be possible to adjust this parameter with the keys - it will always be maximum. To change the parameter, erase the old value, which is in the column “Value is 0 ... 255”, set the desired value and click the “Set” button.

It is also worth remembering that the maximum values ​​of the parameters can lead not only to the distorted operation of the microphone, extraneous exciting effects, but also damage the electronics. Therefore, the increase must be made smoothly, gradually. This simple way you can achieve the most optimal parameters without damaging the tablet.

Many users face a problem when the phone or tablet is on Android base starts to act up. It seems that nothing happened that could cause a malfunction, but it does not work as it should.

For example, the device has problems with the fact that the device's microphone has stopped working or does not work correctly . The reason for this may be:

1st: Software crash - i.e. the problem is failure software

2nd: Hardware failure - i.e. the problem is “hardware” (i.e., it requires replacement or restoration of the gadget parts)

However, do not be in a hurry to get upset - in 90% of cases with the problems of the microphone operation of a smartphone or an Android-based tablet, a software malfunction is to blame , which you can easily fix on your own.

Fixing software crash:

Method 1. Quite simple - go to the "settings" , find there " backup and reset ” , in which you select a full reset with the removal of all data. Be careful, the use of this method is often effective, but entails the removal of all photos, contacts, passwords, music, games, videos, and in general, all the information stored on your smartphone or tablet. Therefore, first save everything you need by connecting the gadget to your computer. If a this way You are not satisfied, or if the problem persists after it, see Method 2 .

Method 2

Method 3.

Change the software of the device, or, as it is also called "flashing". This method, as a rule, requires certain skills and is solved by contacting the Service Center. For the independent implementation of this task, you need to contact the site-manufacturer of your device, download the utilities needed for the firmware and the firmware itself, and then reinstall it on your gadget.

If none of the methods yielded results, unfortunately, you will have to contact Service center to repair your tablet or smartphone.

In the smartphone or Android tablet, the microphone stopped working or does not always and not in all applications. What to do if during a conversation I can not hear.

In this video, we will tell you about the “Sounds and Notifications” feature on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. ✓ If you have any. How to adjust the sound on the tablet. How to increase the volume on android tablet !. How to increase the sensitivity of the microphone using the engineering menu. To call the engineering menu you need in the dialer. link to group VK: --- --- --- earnings in VK: . net / zcN3 --- --- --- earnings on the Internet:. How to improve the microphone on the smartphone. (for Android MTK) I remind you that this method is only suitable for smartphones on the Mediatek platform! To increase the gro. Select the level of customization. The problem with the microphone, I can hear very quietly when talking and recording on the dictaphone. JY-G2 OS and firmware: android 4.0.4. On an Android device: Tap the menu icon (three vertical. On Mac: Select Skype Settings, then go to. Lenovo P780 - Microphone and sound (problems and solutions). Phone will appear. We need Phone \ Other Settings. Click on. Microphone sensitivity. What do the modes in engineering Android menu . Mic - microphone sensitivity settings ;. your smartphone or tablet, you can hear yourself instead of the interlocutor ;. To increase the volume of the smartphone and tablet on Android, go to. You can hardly hear the interlocutor, you need to adjust the microphone. Smartphones and tablets under running Android have a lot. Audio sound control in speakers, microphone and headphones. How to enable the use of a microphone. Connect your Android smartphone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi networks as a chromecast device or TV with. How to adjust the volume level when broadcasting an Android screen. Engineering menu Android allows you to implement fine tuning , improve. Advanced users of modern smartphones and tablets. In any of the modes you can set up fine tuning of the microphone. quality of the microphone, speakers of a particular tablet and / or Android phone owned by the user "Home digital phone";. After a quick and easy setup of Viber, you will get instant access to free calls and funny stickers and messages. Description of the installation and configuration of the Echolink program on the phone (tablet) running on Android. * ECHOTEST * Going to it, you can listen to your signal and adjust the gain level through the microphone. Tablets. Review of Android-applications for mobile headsets, or Eared. Programs have a set of preset sound for. analyzing the sound of headphones through a smartphone microphone. They change certain settings. Another option is the Android engineering menu. The setting of the parameters in this way occurs already for more. From this guide you will learn how to easily set up your phone, for. We use the microphone of the Android device as a microphone for a PC. A6010 is a problem with a microphone, the other person does not hear me, or hears badly. The smartphone and tablet on Android are exceptions to this rule. But you need to talk into the microphone of the smartphone (since the HSP profile is in. Setting up a pair of Bluetooth headsets and Android-smartphone is not.

We treat "deafness" on Android smartphones

A modern smartphone has long become a multifunctional device. Today, owners use their mobile phones as webcams, game consoles, multimedia players, modems, remote controls and so on. However, the main function is still voice communication. Therefore, if the microphone does not work on the phone, then its utility tends to zero. This fault can have many causes of different nature.

Why the microphone does not work on the phone

To begin with, we delve a little into the technical sphere of the problem. A microphone is an electromechanical device that converts sound waves into an electrical signal. Thus, for its operation it is necessary to fulfill at least two conditions. First, you need to ensure the smooth passage of sound to the sensitive element, and secondly, the microphone must be in good condition.

And if these conditions are met, the processor receives the correct digital data, and nothing more depends on the microphone.

However, the question should be extended. The fact is that the problem, because of which the interlocutor stopped hearing your voice, is not necessarily related to the performance of the microphone. The reason for the lack of sound may be in the settings of applications, "glitches" of the operating system of the smartphone, and even in the speaker dynamics in your interlocutor's mobile.

Consider the most common situations.

“We fix” the sound in Skype

“We fix” the sound in Skype

So, your interlocutor does not hear you. In this case, we act according to the following algorithm.

  • Call someone else. If there is no one to call, we use the built-in Echo service - this service is specifically designed to check the quality of communication. We call the service and speak a few words - the voice will be recorded and forwarded to your phone. If everything is normal, then the problem is not with you, but with the other person, for example, the speaker is faulty.
  • We understand the settings. If no one hears you, including the Echo service, go to the phone’s privacy settings menu and click on the microphone icon. Here we get a list of programs that have access to the microphone - you should make sure that Skype is among them. If this does not help, try reinstalling the application.
  • We use the headset. There are rare cases when Skype simply refuses to work with a built-in microphone. A crucial solution can be bluetooth headsets. With this, you will get a significant improvement in sound quality.

How to adjust the microphone, and what threshold value to expose, so as not to spoil the device?