Лечение алкоголизма в Черкассах
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Лечение среднего кариеса в Москве
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What you need to pass vehicle inspection?

  1. How and by whom is the inspection carried out?
  2. How much is passing inspection?
  3. What you need to do before passing inspection?
  4. What you need to have in the car for passing inspection?
  5. What documents are needed for passing inspection?
  6. What happens if the inspection failed to pass?
  7. What you need to pass the re-inspection?
  8. Let's sum up

Inspection is a mandatory procedure when registering a car or after it has traveled a certain number of kilometers.

In 2012, new standards for passing inspection, which include more paperwork and registration of necessary documents than before, appeared.

Opinions of car owners on the mandatory passage of the inspection is very different, someone considers it a waste of money and time, and some are happy to check the health of your pet.

One way or another, this procedure is obligatory, which means you need to be able to go through it.

How and by whom is the inspection carried out?

There are several ways to pass inspection: first - from an authorized dealer immediately when buying a car.

You will pay a thousand rubles, and you will be given all the necessary documents. It is important to ensure that the dealership is accredited for the issuance of documents THAT.

The second, longer way is to go through inspection at a service accredited by the Russian Union of Motor Insurers. Its advantage is that you can find a car service closer to home / study / work.

The inspection procedure is carried out in the following order:

  1. Experts do a general inspection of your car and check:
    • availability of a first-aid kit and all its components;
    • the presence of a warning triangle;
    • quality door locks;
    • is there a fire extinguisher;
    • Are the windows and mirrors, windshield wipers and washers okay?
    • how the seat belt works and in what condition;
    • the presence of sun visors;
    • condition of the seat and beep.
  2. Next comes a check for harm, that is, the quality of the toxins produced by your machine.

    The most loyal of them are old cars, they are checked only for CO (the main thing is not to exceed 4.5%). Cars that are not equipped with a neutralizer are analyzed for CO and CH in two modes (idle and at high speeds). But, if your car is new enough and frisky like a horse, then the test for CO2, O2 will be added to the list.

    By the way, to quickly go through all the stages, you can check this item yourself, only you have to bring a document that everything is in order.

  3. At this stage, experts check the brakes. There are two types of checks: on real roads and on the simulator. The first option is used very rarely, since it is necessary to have very smooth roads.

  4. Check steering includes analysis of the connection of all its parts, the quality of rotation, braid and the total backlash.

  5. Engine analysis

  6. The quality of the wheels. It is best to pass the inspection in the summer, as in the winter in the cabin you may be asked to remove winter tires.

  7. The last step is to check the light (the quality of the headlights, the length of the light, the direction).

How much is passing inspection?

The cost of passing the MOT may vary. Each subject of the Russian Federation has the right to set its own maximum price.

For example, passing inspection in Moscow will cost you 690 rubles, and in St. Petersburg 881 rubles, in Altai, and even cheaper, only 290 rubles.

Want to know about inspection frequency for different types of vehicles?

Or read HERE How to check the number of diagnostic card inspection.

What you need to do before passing inspection?

  1. Find out the cost of maintenance, it should not exceed the standards set in your area.

  2. Check all the necessary components that should be in the car.

  3. Wash the car! There are cases when the centers refused to accept the car, because numbers were not read on it and it was impossible to recognize its color. Some large services for the most lazy owners build a car wash.

  4. Collect all documents.

What you need to have in the car for passing inspection?

  1. First aid kit.

    It should always be in the car, complete with all the necessary preparations with an expired shelf life.

    What to put in the first aid kit:

    • pain killer, anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-shock drugs (analgin 0.5 - one package, portable hypothermic package-container - one piece, aspirin - one package);

    • dressings, means for treating wounds and for stopping bleeding (hemostatis bundle - 1 piece, sterile bandage 10 for 5 - one piece, non-sterile bandage 10 x 5 and 5 x 5 - one piece, traumatic dressing MAG with dioxidine or silver nitrate 8 x 10 for bandaging dirty wounds - one piece, bactericidal adhesive plaster - eight pieces, sterile wipes for stopping bleeding with furagin 6 x 10 and 10 x 18 cm - three pieces, iodine 5%, adhesive plaster 1 for 500 - one piece, cotton wool 50 g) ;

    • cardiac drugs (nitroglycerin, validol - one pack at a time), also a device for artificial respiration, mouth to mouth, ammonia;

    • fainting drugs for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and against stress (Corvalol or valerian);

    • drug against poisoning (activated carbon or enterodez - one pack or 2 pieces);

    • instructions for first aid;

    • scissors;

    • case.

  2. Fire extinguisher.

    Typically, the place of attachment of a fire extinguisher is determined by the manufacturer of your machine still at the factory. If such a place is not provided, it is best to put a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place.

    For the car fit powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. Its size can be any, but the more, the better it will work. When buying, be sure to check the expiration date, safety check, no damage, quality of the hose and sprayer.

  3. Brake light (or flashlight flashing red).

What documents are needed for passing inspection?

With the passage of the vehicle MOT must provide:

  1. Identity card (this may be a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, a foreign passport, driver's license, etc.);
  2. Power of attorney (only if the car is given for inspection not by the owner, but by a trustee);
  3. Car Registration Certificate;
  4. Passport vehicle.

What happens if the inspection failed to pass?

If you failed to pass the inspection from the first time - it does not matter. First, take the diagnostic card that the expert will issue to you at the end of the procedure, and familiarize yourself with the faults of your car.

Unfortunately, this diagnostic card will indicate the impossibility of operating this vehicle . After such a decision, your car is again sent for inspection.

You will have to fix all the flaws within twenty days.

Repeated inspection will be paid. There will only be a fee for checking those indicators that were deemed inappropriate to the safety standards during the past MOT.

It is best to go to the same service, because they already know all the shortcomings of your car.

If you can not restore the car in twenty days, you will have to re-pay the entire cost of vehicle inspection.

What you need to pass the re-inspection?

As mentioned above, a car that did not pass the initial inspection is unsafe and needs to be repaired, as well as to be re-tested.

Within twenty days, all the components needed to restore the machine are checked and replaced. When you re-check, you pay only for checking these components.

The price of the service is determined by the volume of work performed and should not exceed the value stated in federal law.

If you did not have time to repair the car, you will have to go through the whole procedure of technical inspection again, which would entail additional expenses.

Want to know about the consequences of cancellation fine for the lack of technical inspection car?

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And in this article you will learn how to recover damages from the perpetrator of an accident: //auto/pay/ushherba-pri-dtp.html

Let's sum up

The procedure for passing inspection is very important both for the owners of cars and for the state.

A small fee and a full check will help to avoid an accident due to some kind of breakdown, also, having a checkup, you can insure the car, which is also extremely necessary.

Best when buying a new car with him to purchase and document THAT. If this is not possible, choose the service that is closer to home.

Most importantly, before the inspection, check for the presence of all existing components in the first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and brake light.

To avoid any misunderstandings, wash your car, see if the numbers read well and whether it is possible to identify the color.

If your car does not pass the test, then the secondary inspection is carried out within the first twenty days.

Video of non-accredited inspection operators

How and by whom is the inspection carried out?
How much is passing inspection?
What you need to do before passing inspection?
What you need to have in the car for passing inspection?
What documents are needed for passing inspection?
What happens if the inspection failed to pass?
What you need to pass the re-inspection?
How and by whom is the inspection carried out?
How much is passing inspection?
What you need to do before passing inspection?