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Treatment for a bruise on the face. How to quickly remove the bruise on his face

  1. How to get rid of a hematoma
  2. Home remedies for bruises
  3. Pharmacy drugs
  4. Causes of bruises on the face
  5. Ways to fight bruises
  6. What can you do yourself?
  7. First aid
  8. Medications
  9. Folk remedies
  10. Badyaga
  11. Compresses from medicinal plants
  12. Vegetable compresses
  13. How to draw a bruise on the face?
  14. Getting rid of bruise
  15. Makeup will help us

A person with a bruise on his face involuntarily arouses suspicion, and the owner himself constantly experiences discomfort and thinks how to quickly get rid of a bruise on his face. This problem is especially troublesome for women, because appearance for them - a subject of special care. Hematoma on female face able to bring the hostess to despair. But there are no hopeless situations. Let's talk about the problem in more detail and consider ways to solve available means as soon as possible.

Most bruises are caused by strokes. In this case, the rupture of the hypodermic vessels and hemorrhage into the surrounding tissue occurs. The first time the bruise does not look so frightening as it later. At first it’s just a dark spot. Then puffiness appears, and the place of impact becomes purple-purple. Gradually dissolving, the color of the hematoma changes to yellow-green and yellow-brown. Most bruises are caused by strokes

Completely bruise off the face in about 7-10 days. It is clear that few who want so much time to walk with such a "beauty." How to remove a bruise in one day and is it possible? Of course, in 1 day the problem cannot be solved, but the recovery process can be significantly accelerated.

More information about the mechanism of formation of a bruise can be found in the video clip:

How to get rid of a hematoma

There are many ways and methods to help quickly remove a bruise. This folk remedies, and pharmacological drugs , and decorative cosmetics. For the best result, it is recommended to apply a complex effect, and then from the bruises on the face very quickly there will be no trace. What is the best way to treat hematoma and when should it be done? Begin to act immediately, the sooner the better. The cold will be effective in the first 5-6 hours after the strike. In the following days, warming up is recommended.

First, it is recommended to cool the bruise site. Use for this dry ice, you can take specialized tools sold in pharmacies. For example, dry ice in packages "Snow". And how to get rid of edema, if there are no such funds? May be used for quick release swelling of frozen foods from the freezer, chilled metal objects, cold compresses. You can simply pour in a plastic bottle of cold water and attach hematomas to the area.

To prevent tender frostbite on delicate skin, do not hold ice directly on your face, always wrap it with a dry cloth. Remember that the time of cold exposure should not exceed 10 minutes, after which you need to take a break for 2-3 minutes. Then the ice is applied again and so several times. To prevent tender frostbite on delicate skin, do not hold ice directly on your face, always wrap it with a dry cloth

Home remedies for bruises

Hematoma can be quickly removed with the simplest home remedies. The following plants and improvised means cope very well with this nuisance:

The following plants and improvised means cope very well with this nuisance:

Pharmacy drugs

To get rid of edema and hematoma on the face, you will also be helped by proven pharmaceutical preparations:

  • Freshwater sponge powder copes with the removal of edema and bruises. The mask is done as follows: 2 tbsp. spoons of powder mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon of water. The composition is immediately applied to the swollen place. Try not to keep the mixture on the area near the eyes for a long time and do not allow it to get into the eyes. Exposure time - 10 minutes, if you feel strong discomfort - burning, immediately wash off the mask with water.
  • Ready balms and ointments. In any pharmacy you will be offered a ready remedy for bruises. Good feedback received the following preparations: gel with leech extract “Bruise Off”, cream balm “SOS”, restoring balm “Savior”, gel “Badyaga 911”. To relieve inflammation and pain sensations can recommend Heparin ointment. To obtain the effect as quickly as possible, it is recommended to apply any of these tools every 2-3 hours.

To obtain the effect as quickly as possible, it is recommended to apply any of these tools every 2-3 hours

Bruise on the face - a rather unpleasant phenomenon, and it looks very not aesthetically pleasing. May appear by for various reasons . In some cases, a bruise on the face indicates a pathology. internal organs . In this case, it appears suddenly, for no apparent reason. Postpone all cases and follow the doctor for advice. Perhaps he will find an explanation for your problem.

Causes of bruises on the face

Bruises on the face sometimes occur due to illness. What exactly and why we analyze further. The main reason is the fragility of the walls blood vessels . Even with the slightest pressure on a certain part of the body, they burst, which is externally manifested by bruising. This is due to the following factors:

  1. Avitaminosis. Often the lack of vitamin R and C in the human body contributes to the development of bruises, because these substances affect the elasticity of blood vessels. With a lack of them, the capillaries become very fragile and easily injured, as a result of which blood flows into the tissues.
  2. AIDS. This is the most serious disease which may cause a similar problem. The bruises are purple in color and do not disappear over time.
  3. Vasculitis This is a serious pathology of an allergic nature, in which the body begins to destroy itself as a result of failure and leads to the destruction of the walls of all vessels. Against the background of this disease, bloody spots appear even with the slightest pressure on the body. In this case, you should not think about how to remove the bruise on the face or another area, and you should immediately seek the help of a specialist for accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment.
  4. Liver dysfunction. In addition to the fact that this organ is actively involved in the process of digestion, it is responsible for blood properties such as clotting. In cases where this function is impaired, dark spots or hematomas may appear on the body. Also indicates a similar disorder and the complexity of stopping bleeding with wounds, cuts. This can occur for various reasons. For example, toxic effect drug preparations hereditary predisposition chronic pathologies . If the bruises on the face and body arise for the latter reason, this indicates an exacerbation of the process.
  5. Reception of some drugs may also cause bruising. This is due to their influence on the walls of blood vessels, as a result of which the latter lose their elasticity and become thinner. These include Plavix, Curantil, Aspirin and other medicines. Most often, such a manifestation occurs during prolonged use. In addition, some drugs contribute to changes hormonal background As a result, it is also possible to detect bruising. How to get rid of bruises on the face and body in this case? You should stop taking the drugs that provoked this problem, and contact your doctor so that he can adjust the appointment.

Ways to fight bruises

Eliminate such an unpleasant problem will help, as pharmacy tools , and many recipes traditional medicine . But before you ask the question of how to remove a bruise on your face, you should think about the true causes of this phenomenon. The easiest option is when dark spot appeared due to mechanical stress. But if the bruise arose without visible reasons , it is worth contacting a specialist to exclude or state pathology, which can manifest itself in this way.

If you suspect any disease you need to stop self-treatment and hold timely diagnosis , to prevent the transition to a heavier form. Only the necessary therapeutic methods will eliminate the pathology and consequently prevent the occurrence of abrasions.

What can you do yourself?

Apply any medications It is worth only by appointment of a specialist. Independently you can adjust your diet. Diversify your daily menu with foods rich in vitamins, especially P and C. These include bananas, greens, rosehip decoctions, cucumbers, salads, citrus fruits, black currants.

If you associate the appearance of bruises with taking medications, stop using them and consult your doctor.

First aid

Sometimes the cause of bruising can be the usual fall, a fight and other similar cases. In such situations it is worth resorting to the following recommendations. They will help reduce the appearance and quickly get rid of the bruise on the face.

  1. Make a cold compress at the site of injury or abrasion. For this fit ice cubes or dipped in cold water towel, napkin. As it gets warm, replace and hold for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Chop the cabbage leaves to a mushy state and attach to the sore spot. Hold for about 15 minutes.
  3. If the bruise is applied to the forehead or cheekbone, you can impose elastic bandage . This will help reduce the spread of hematoma.

The above methods will significantly shorten the healing process. After the first-aid steps, apply a drug that has an anti-inflammatory effect (rescuer, troxevasin, bodyaga, and others).


Today, the pharmacological market is a mass of tools that allow you to get rid of abrasions quickly and efficiently. Let's look at the most common.

  1. Troxevasin. Strengthens and improves the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, tones their muscle layer. Available in gel form. It is used to treat abrasions, swelling, pain, and the effect is manifested very quickly. This drug not having adverse reactions and is contraindicated only in case of individual intolerance.
  2. Hepatrombin gel, fastum gel, butadion ointment have the same properties as the previous drug.
  3. Rescuer. Available in balm. Designed to treat injuries and inflammations. Accelerates the process of cell regeneration due to its composition, in which there are natural essential oils , vitamins, components beeswax , micro doses of naphthalene.
  4. Comfrey ointment. it herbal preparation , consists of comfrey extract, hydrastis, tea tree oil. Thanks to this, contributes fast healing . After applying the product, it is impossible to cover a part of the body with an air-tight material, as well as use it for the treatment of damage (wounds, scratches, cuts).
  5. Indovazin. Combined drug consisting of indomethacin and troxerutin. It improves blood flow in the affected parts of the body, increases the elasticity of the vascular walls and reduces their fragility, relieves pain, inflammation and swelling.
  6. Iodine. Remove the bruise for 1 day will help the mesh, which must be done over the bruise on his face.
  7. Tincture or ointment arnica. Promotes rapid resorption of hemorrhages, eliminates inflammation. It is necessary to apply 2-4 times a day. May cause allergic reactions.

Do not forget that any of the above drugs has side effects and some contraindications, so before using it is better to consult a doctor.

Folk remedies

You do not know how to quickly get rid of a bruise on your face? Try it with folk remedies . They also help to cope with the problem.


Badyaga is a sponge that lives in fresh waters. Can be used as a powder or ointment. In the first case, you must take 2-3 tablespoons of the substance and mix with water until a slurry forms, and then add a small amount vegetable oil . Stir and use to rub in until a slight tingling sensation appears. A dressing can be applied over the top, and after drying it should be washed off with water.

Used 2 times a day, as an overdose can cause the development of dermatitis. Do not let badyagi on mucous membranes.

Compresses from medicinal plants

  • Prepare broth or freshly squeezed juice of wormwood, mix with a small amount of honey and apply on the bruise on the face. Leave for an hour and then rinse.
  • Immediately after injury, aloe juice or a slurry from the leaves of this plant can be applied to the damaged area.
  • Fill the zhivokost leaves with a small amount of water and boil for 15 minutes, then insist a third hour. After this time, put the boiled mass on a napkin and apply to the abrasion for 2-3 hours. For efficiency, repeat several times.
  • Crush the onions to a state of slurry, put on a napkin and place on the abrasion.


Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 tablespoon of salt, mix until dissolved. In this tool, moisten the dressing and apply to the bruise on the face, leave to dry completely.

You can also use lotion from the tincture of calendula. You can use a ready-made tool purchased in a pharmacy, or you can cook it yourself. To do this, take 100 ml of 70% alcohol, fill them with 20 g of flowers of the plant and leave for 14 days. Then strain.

Vegetable compresses

Remove the bruise on the face will help black radish . Crush it before extracting the juice, place it in a cloth bag and attach it to the problem area for 30 minutes. Use this remedy twice a day.

Dilute the potato starch with a small amount of water so that the texture resembles thick sour cream. Apply a bruise to the area, cover with a piece of cloth on top and leave for 40 minutes, then rinse. You can repeat several times a day.

Crush finely garlic in the amount of 6 teaspoons and mix with 200 ml table vinegar . Stir and let stand 24 hours. The resulting solution is applied to the bruises on the face 5-6 times a day.

How to draw a bruise on the face?

If the funds you used did not help remove the bruise in 1 day, and you need to go to an important meeting, paint it with a concealer. In the form of a cream, this means is suitable for masking a bruise under the eye, and in the area of ​​cheeks, chin, forehead it is better to use a stick. Also consider its shade and color of the abrasion.

Yellow concealer is used for purple bruises on the face, blue - for red, and orange is intended for masking greenish spots. After processing the heel with concealer, apply a foundation for make-up, concealer or just powder.

Bruise on the face is an unpleasant phenomenon, but before removing it, try to find out the cause of its occurrence in order to identify it in time. possible diseases that can trigger its occurrence.

Kick or fall. And what do we have as a result? Yes, you are right, a bruise and, with it, on the face. How quickly you get it depends on the strength of the blow and the sensitivity of the skin. And if you already have a bruise on your face, how to get rid of it, tell our article.

Getting rid of bruise

Surrounding people notice such changes on the face, so it’s not very pleasant to go outside with bruises, which means you need to look for some remedy for bruises.

  • On the face after a bruise, you can always see the place where the blow hit, here first of all put a cold object in this place. It can be everything that is on hand: metal objects, a bottle with cold water or just a handkerchief dipped in cold water. At this time you will have only one thought in your head: how to remove a bruise from your face? But, we warn you that this is not a matter of one hour or even one day. Cool the damaged area for no more than five to seven minutes, because the skin on the face is tender and frostbite may occur. The vessels will narrow and the bruise will decrease.
  • Also in the pharmacy you can buy ointment from bruises. On the face, in the place of injury, it is applied with a thin layer and maintained for a certain time, as written in the instructions. “Rescuer”, “Troxevasin” - these are the most common anti-bruising ointments. But no matter how safe they seem to you, be sure to read the instructions for these drugs, because some components may cause allergies or adverse reactions.
  • When bruises appear, they can also be affected by heat. This improves blood circulation, and the bruise will disappear faster. Pepper plaster, hot water bottle - this is something that can help you. But these items also do not hold for a long time, because a burn may occur. Warming up is allowed to be done only on the second day after the strike. Immediately warm not fit, because it can bring only harm.

Makeup will help us

Bruising on the face can also be treated with makeup. If all procedures for getting rid of bruises were performed, then the hematoma should decrease, but it cannot disappear right away. This means that the traces of the blow must be hidden with the help of a tonal framework or powder. The color of her choose a yellowish tint. Paint your eyes beautifully and draw a pencil with your lips - it will distract the attention of others from your problem area . It will take three or four days and your bruise will disappear completely.

There are situations that bruises on the face do not appear from a bruise, but as a result of lack of sleep, heart disease or kidney problems. Therefore, such people are recommended healthy sleep , decrease in loadings, good rest. Everyday walking will give your face healthy paint. If these bruises do not go away for a long time, you should definitely consult a doctor to establish true cause this condition of the skin under the eyes.

How to remove a bruise in one day and is it possible?
What is the best way to treat hematoma and when should it be done?
And how to get rid of edema, if there are no such funds?
How to get rid of bruises on the face and body in this case?
What can you do yourself?
How to draw a bruise on the face?
And what do we have as a result?
At this time you will have only one thought in your head: how to remove a bruise from your face?