Лечение алкоголизма в Черкассах
психиатр в домашних условиях – это возможно при наличии сильного желания, и в том случае, если зависимость ещё не приобрела запущенную форму. В помощь множество аптечных препаратов и рецепты из народной

Лечение среднего кариеса в Москве
Установлено, что первые попытки лечения кариеса могли предприниматься уже около 8000 лет назад, о чем красноречиво говорят обнаруженные черепа людей, у которых отдельные зубы были просверлены явно ручным


Aerosol A-Par from lice and bugs: composition, instructions for use, analogues, reviews

  1. General description of the tool
  2. Composition and pharmacological properties
  3. The use of the drug and analogues
  4. Customer reviews

Aerosol A-Par is an insecticidal, anti-pediculosis, antiparasitic and anti-scab drug. It is intended for the disinfection of clothes, underwear and personal belongings of patients, furnishings and premises in the foci of scabies and pediculosis, as well as in the areas of spread of bugs and fleas. The drug has a number of contraindications, therefore, it must be used very carefully, in strict accordance with the instructions attached to it. Aerosol A-Par is an insecticidal, anti-pediculosis, antiparasitic and anti-scab drug

The drug "A-steam" is well suited for the treatment of pediculosis

General description of the tool

The drug A-Par (A-Par) is released in the form of an aerosol. The product goes on sale in cylinders of 200 cubic meters. cm equipped with a spray mechanism. Spray containers are placed in packs of thin cardboard. The manufacturer attaches instructions for each A-Par aerosol bottle.

The price of the drug varies from 480 to 700 rubles. You can buy it at pharmacies or in specialized stores. At the same time, the buyer does not need to have a prescription or other document confirming the right to purchase a disinfectant.

A prescription is not required to purchase A-Par

A-Par must be stored separately from food in a place protected from direct sunlight. It is important to ensure that the drug bottle does not heat up to a temperature of + 50 ° C and above. Subject to these conditions, the product retains its pharmaceutical properties for 5 years.

In this video you will learn about the remedies for lice:

Composition and pharmacological properties

A-Par Antiparasitic and Insecticidal Spray is a combination drug. The composition of this drug immediately includes 2 active ingredients :

  • esdepalletrin (0.315%) - a neurotoxic poison that has a destructive effect on the nervous system of clothes, pubic and head lice, bugs, fleas and scabies mites (the substance affects both adults and larvae);
  • piperonyl butoxide (2.52%) - a compound that blocks the action of protective enzymes secreted by insects and enhances the properties of esdepalletrin.

In addition, A-Par contains 2 excipients - an excipient and a propellant gas. The concentration of these components in the aerosol is 32.165 and 65%, respectively.

165 and 65%, respectively

The drug "A-steam" is almost safe for humans

The advantage of A-Par spray is that it does not contain freons. Recent studies have proven that these compounds have a negative effect on the human body (cause drowsiness, confusion, provoke the appearance of general weakness), and also displace oxygen from enclosed spaces.

The use of the drug and analogues

The instructions for use attached to Aerosol A-Par say that this product is not intended to be applied to the skin, mucous membranes and hair of a person. In addition, it is forbidden to take inside. The drug must be used to disinfect items that for any reason cannot be decontaminated by other means - door handles, clothes and underwear, indoor air, floors, walls, mattresses, etc. In this case, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • wash items thoroughly or wipe with a damp cloth surfaces to be sprayed;
  • open the windows wide;
  • spray aerosol over the entire area of ​​the processed objects from a distance of 30-40 cm (flow rate - 14 g per 1 square meter);
  • ventilate the treated room or things thoroughly.

It is forbidden to spray aerosol at temperatures below + 10 ° C , near an open flame and operating heating appliances. If the drug enters the skin or eyes, rinse the affected area with plenty of water.

There are a number of contraindications to the use of the drug. It is forbidden to spray the spray in the presence of pregnant women , young children (from 1 year to 3 years old), persons suffering from allergies to aerosol components, asthma and obstructive bronchitis.

It is forbidden to spray the spray in the presence of pregnant women , young children (from 1 year to 3 years old), persons suffering from allergies to aerosol components, asthma and obstructive bronchitis

The use of “A-pairs” near pregnant women and children can harm their health

In the modern pharmaceutical market, there are no analogues of A-Par aerosol according to the anatomical-therapeutic-chemical classification. However, this tool can be replaced with drugs with a similar mechanism of action - Wilkinson ointment, hellebore, Bensocril, hellebore tincture, means Spregal Spray , Benzyl benzoate, Antiskab, etc.

Before replacing the A-Par spray with analogues, make sure that there are no contraindications. To do this, you must obtain the appropriate consultation with a doctor.

Customer reviews

Galina , Ivanovo

Last summer, the child picked up pediculosis in the country. I decided for preventive purposes to process bedding, clothes and furniture in the house with A-Par aerosol. Other children were not infected, so I think that the tool worked 100%. I recommend it to anyone who has faced the same problem.

Alice , Moscow

Used A-Par in the complex treatment of scabies. On the recommendation of a doctor, every 2 days she sprayed a pillow, mattress, sofa, carpets and chairs. She recovered quickly, as she managed to avoid reinfection. Very pleased with the drug.

Vadim , Nizhny Novgorod

Because of unscrupulous tenants in the apartment, which I rented out, bugs appeared. I tried about a dozen drugs, but saw real results only after treatment with A-Par spray. For a week, I sprayed daily aerosol onto furniture, walls, floor and ceiling. I managed to solve the problem, so I give this tool a rating of 9 out of 10 (I took one point for the unpleasant smell of the spray).